Womens Self-Defense

Ladies, do you know what to do to protect yourself, or your loved ones, if you are ever attacked? — If you answered "NO", contact us today.

North Caldwell, NJ | All-Star Womens Self Defense

Womens Self-Defense

Participating in our women’s self-defense class will greatly increase your awareness, mindset, reaction time, conditioning, and strength. We will teach you the practical self-defense skills needed to protect yourself and the one’s you love.

  • Situational awareness
  • Conflict de-escalation
  • Pre-assult cues
  • Reality based personal protection
  • Dealing with multiple attackers
  • Disarming armed attackers


This class does not focus on uniforms, belts, patterns, or difficult techniques. We teach instinctive, effective, scientific, and reality-based self-defense.


With regular training your self-confidence will improve with every class. Self-confidence is a HUGE component of self-defense. Predators target people who project timidness, feebleness, and FEAR.


In conjunction with teaching realistic self-defense, our program will get you “fit to fight”. Our conditioning program will help you increase your speed, stamina, and strength. Plus, you will feel great about the way you look!

Master Nick Malefyt
Master Nick Malefyt - Womens Self Defense Instructor | North Caldwell, NJ

Nick started teaching women’s self-defense courses at Seton Hall University over 25 years ago. He teaches self-defense seminars throughout the U.S. focused on blunt, edged, and improvised weapons.

Frank Visaggio
Frank Visaggio - Womens Self Defense Instructor | North Caldwell, NJ

Frank is a NJ based Municipal Police Captain, Defensive Tactics Instructor and Active Shooter Response Trainer.

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